The ConvertMoreTraffic.Com Meetup Group of Houston is a free, growing community ideal for: E-business and website owners, entrepreneurs, and business owners who want to discover and share insights, tactics, and actionable tips for getting more valuable website visitor traffic from paid and free sources (pay per click [PPC] search platforms: Google Adwords and Bing Ads / Microsoft adCenter) and organic search engine optimization (SEO), and applying powerful conversion rate optimization strategies to convert more traffic into phone calls, email leads, sales, and other actions that make you money.

If you’re looking for know-how, connections, networking opportunities, and inspiration from sharp, like-minded people for making your website, PPC search advertising, and online business more profitable, this meetup group is for you.

We meet periodically in Houston to enjoy and learn from expert presentations, group discussions, and brainstorming sessions, on topics such as:

• Common expensive PPC advertising mistakes to avoid like the plague.

• How to get valuable insights from Google Analytics for increasing traffic from your best sources and improving website conversion rates.

• What’s working now in the ever-changing field of PPC advertising and website conversion rate optimization.

• Recommended tools, resources, vendors, and guidance for A/B and multivariate website testing. How to discover where to start, and what to test on your website, to maximize results from all traffic sources, free or paid.

• Other inside secrets and strategies successful online entrepreneurs use to make more money from their websites and PPC advertising, while working from the convenience of home or a laptop.

• In a nutshell, members of this group gain access to valuable information, resources, and connections to help them make their traffic generation efforts, websites, and online businesses more successful.

Marty Foley is author of the book, “Internet Marketing Goldmine” and organizer of the ConvertMoreTraffic.Com Meetup Group of Houston. As a Google Adwords and Bing Ads PPC paid search engine traffic generation and website conversion expert, he’s been starting, building, and growing successful online businesses and websites – and helping his clients and others do the same – since 1998.

Marty helped pioneer A/B testing and website conversion rate optimization by developing the first commercially available A/B split testing script as part of the “Scientific Web Marketing System”, back in August of 2000.

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