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Are you frustrated trying to get Google Adwords or Bing Ads pay per click advertising to generate better results for you?

Does your website convert too few visitors into phone calls, contact or email opt-in form submissions, paying customers, or other desired visitor actions?

Do you realize that improving conversion rates and visitor value are vital to maximum profit from PPC advertising, but feel it’s too complicated, too frustrating, or too time-consuming to even try to keep up with constant changes to the Google Adwords and Bing Ads platforms?

Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with it any more. If you qualify as one of our clients, with our Google And Bing certified Convert More Traffic PPC Optimization Services, you can outsource your PPC management and website conversion optimization tasks to certified, trusted professionals, and then enjoy…

  • Better Adwords or Bing PPC response rates and profit – with less time and effort
  • Higher website conversion rates and value per visitor
  • Fewer related headaches and frustration
  • And lower average cost per sale, per lead, or per other desired actions you want website visitors to take…
What Sets Convert More Traffic PPC Management Services
Apart from Other PPC Management Companies?

A few things primarily set us apart from others:

Unlike most, we also help our clients with website conversion rate optimization. After all, driving targeted traffic is just one element of pay per click success. Another critical element is having a good converting sales process. For best results it’s important to optimize both PPC traffic, and website landing pages. We end up with happier clients by having some control over both.

Most don’t offer both PPC management and website conversion rate optimization services as a complete package. Usually they specialize in driving PPC traffic, regardless of how it converts on your website. And of those who do both PPC and website conversion rate optimization (CRO), their fees are typically exorbitant in comparison to ours. (Our prices have gone up and will go up more as our client base grows, but are still relatively low.)

We do not outsource PPC management or CRO to remote employees, but prefer to keep things simple and in-house, and to grow slowly but steadily. This means fewer but happier and longer-term clients who get more personalized service. The fact that we still retain clients we acquired when we first start offering PPC services back in 2010, speaks for itself.

That’s why this offer is only made available to a limited number of new clients at a time. When available slots are filled, new inquiries are offered the option to be added to a waiting list, if they want to be notified of openings that become available in the future.

What Our PPC and Website Conversion Rate Optimization Services Include

When clients hire us to optimize their pay per click campaigns and website conversion rates, here are some things we do or use to boost their conversion rates, value per visit, and profit, on both the PPC traffic and the website conversion elements of their sales funnel:

  • Proper PPC account structure, settings, keyword bids, and other current best practices
  • PPC conversion tracking.
  • Proper Universal Google Analytics setup and configuration (where needed), including conversion goals with goal values. This can reveal very valuable data on what’s working and what isn’t, and where the biggest leverage points lie hidden on a website.
  • A/B split and multivariate testing of PPC ads.
  • Ad analysis based on PPI (Profit Per Impression) rather than outdated ad analysis, usually based on highest conversion rate, lowest CPA, or highest CTR.
  • Multivariate and A/B split testing of landing pages, to boost website conversion rates.

Normally we help boost website conversions in an advisory role, helping the client or their webmaster to implement conversion boosting changes we suggest. Or in some cases we do most or all of the technical work ourselves, which usually involves tweaking key website elements, as well as brainstorming and setting up multivariate landing page tests.

What Others Say About How They Benefit from
Convert More Traffic PPC Management Services

Consider how our clients have already benefited from our Convert More Traffic PPC Management Services, which include free help with website conversion rate optimization. For example…

“Since we began working with Marty, one client has seen their traffic increase over 500% while actually decreasing their overall spend. That’s incredible. When I asked the client what could be better than that, he responded, ‘What could be better? Well, seeing these results while in Mexico after watching a beautiful sunset with a nice rum punch. If not for your help I would have spent the last week at the office in the freezing cold.'” 

“I think that pretty much says it all. The work Marty’s done has been nothing short of game changing.”
Keenan Glass, Google Top Contributor,, Houston, TX

“Marty, I love what you’re doing to increase my Adwords traffic and ROI and to improve my website conversion rates. Although the 25% Adwords conversion rate you’re currently getting for me might not hold, even a fraction of that will be very good.”
William Herren, HerrenLaw.Com, Houston TX

“Marty Foley has been helping me with Google Adwords and other things to help me grow my business. I would like to say that he is honest and performs his job very well. He may help your clients in some way or another. Just wanted to share.”
Vanessa Perry, Impeccable Credit Services, Woodlands TX

As another typical example, we slashed another client’s average cost per click of $2.14 down to $0.97 cents, reducing ad spend from over $6000.00/month to under $3000.00/month, improving conversion rates at the same time. They’re delighted to pay our fees because the cost savings alone have more than paid for our services, many times over.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Performance-based PPC management: We improve your Adwords & Bing response rates and ROI – or you don’t pay!
  • Site Conversion Optimization Audit included at no extra cost (with most Service Packages)
  • No ongoing contracts
  • Month to month billing, which you may cancel at any time



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